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Guide for Procuring and Obtaining License:

Step 1: Product must be downloaded only from the web site and installed in a PC/Laptop on which the license will be made. The downloaded and installed version is initially "Unauthorized Version" (if not licensed on the PC), the "License Activation key" is required to make the version "Authorized".

Step 2: Write to ‘Techsoft’ for product price for required number of licenses and ask for the Invoice, giving your Address, Contact/Whatsapp Number.

Step 3: Make payment and go to menu 'File' and then select item "Enter License Activation Key". The dialog box appears with customer’s 'Computer ID'. Mention customer’s name, email ID and Contact/ Whatsapp number same as those given in the Invoice. In the ‘Message’ box mention each time one product name, payment amount and payment date. Next, click on button ‘Send Mail’ to send the email to:,

Step 4: A "License Activation Key" will be sent to the customer by email / Whatsapp by the next working day. Once again the customer has to go to the menu 'File' and then select item "Enter License Activation Key". The dialog box appears with the same 'Computer ID'. Enter the ‘License Activation Key’ in its box, click on button "Activate" and the license will be activated for specified period of time, normally one year for customers. After expiry the license may be activated by subscription.

Step 5: The license is based on a particular PC/Laptop computer. The license activated in any PC/Laptop computer cannot be shifted to another PC/Laptop computer. For multiple licenses, the above procedure of sending mail is to be done for each license from separate PC/Laptop to make the license on that PC/Laptop.

Step 6: Refer to web site ‘ for Tutorials and other learning materials for ASTRA Pro, HEADS Pro and TransPlan. For tutorial videos of various products refer to YOUTUBE channel ‘Techsoft Forum’.

Disclaimer: In case of any problem with customer's computer Techsoft Engineering Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries/associates will not be responsible for that.

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