ASTRA Pro is the software for Engineering Design of RCC 'T' Girder Bridges, Composite Bridges with Steel Plate/Box Girder and RCC Deck Slab with single and Multi-Span in Straight or Curve layout, PSC 'I' Girder Bridges, PSC Box Girder Bridges, Continuous PSC Box Girder Bridges, Steel Truss Bridges, Arch Suspension Bridges, Rope Cable Suspension Bridge, Cable Stayed & Extradossed Bridges for River Bridges with non-linear Stage Analysis, Flyovers, Rail/Road Over Bridges, Vehicular/Pedestrian RCC Box Rail / Road Underpasses, RCC Box Culverts (Single Cell & Multi Cell), RCC Slab Culverts, NP3/NP4 Pipe Culverts, Hydrology, RCC Pier and Wall & Box type Abutment with Front and Back Counter fort Earth Retaining walls, with analysis in span lodged and dislodged conditions and seismic analysis, Well, Pile and Open Foundations, Bridge Bearings, Reinforced Earth Walls, Estimation for BoQ and Cost with item Rate Analysis.

ASTRA Pro has Optional Structural Analysis and Design applications for RCC Framed Multi Storied Buildings and RCC Tunnel Lining with Steel Ribs and RCC Portal based on Rock Quality Designation (RQD) and Rock Mass Rating (RMR), RCC & PSC Jetty design.

ASTRA Pro gives the complete Analysis and Design details in step wise format and complete set of sample drawings in editable CAD format. In the Demo version the default input data can not be changed and drawings are for viewing only. The Reports and drawings are complete as a set for each design modules. Detail estimation for BoQ, Item Rates & Cost are also available for Girder type Bridges, Box type Bridges/Culverts and Composite bridges.

ASTRA Pro Setup and Tutorials are available for download from our web site, We suggest you to install Windows .NET Framework as guided during installing ASTRA Pro, it is one time installation only. Next, you process various bridge and structure wise analysis and design applications to satisfy yourself before purchase. You are also suggested to download each the Design Manual to your PC/Laptop and process the Example data following the steps in the Tutorial guide.

ASTRA Pro is to be downloaded from web site and it is to be installed in user’s PC/Laptop where the license is to be made, The License is web based, and during its validity it cannot be shifted to another PC/Laptop. For procuring ASTRA Pro we request you to send your Order/Request with your address complete with Post Code and Telephone number to our email addresses as mentioned below. Next, we shall send you the Invoice for making the payment. Once the payment is received we shall send the License Key.