The versatile ‘Bridge and Structure Design Software’ featuring structural analysis and design of various Bridges with sample editable detail CAD drawings/MS-Excel Worksheet Detail Design Reports for Superstructure, Substructures, Foundations, Culverts, Box-Pushed Underpasses with Fixed Load, Moving Vehicle Live Load & Seismic Load etc. Analysis and Design of RE Wall, RCC Tunnel Lining with Portal and Ribs and RCC Framed Buildings, BoQ etc. Stream Hydrology, Synthetic Unit Hydrograph, Hydrological analysis. The options are available to select the design standard as AASHTO LRFD, BS/Eurocode2 and BD 37/01 with HA & HB Live Load, and IRC 112 and IRC 6 Class Live Load combinations, Deck Slab Design with Transverse Analysis by Effective Width method, Grillage Model Analysis for Bridge Deck-Girder, Load-Deflection Stage Analysis for Bridge Rating, Dynamic analysis and Orthotropic analysis with GUI based modeling.

Our highly demanded software product ASTRA Pro is distributed as Professional License on Personal Name and as Enterprise License on Organization’s Name, with different Terms and conditions. Each License has three versions as below:

  • Standard Version with Analyses, Design of various Bridges and a set of sample editable CAD Drawngs,
  • Express version with Analysis, Design of various Bridges & Structures and a set of sample editable CAD Drawngs,
  • Premium Version with Analysis, Design of various Bridges, Structures, Bridge Geometry in straight and curved alignments, Balanced Cantilever Bridge and a set of sample editable CAD Drawings.

Interested users are requested to download, install software ASTRA Pro from our web site and evaluate the product before procuring. The various tutorial videos are available in channel ‘Techsoft Forum’ in YouTube and in the Main-screen ‘Help’ of ASTRA Pro.

ASTRA Pro for Analysis and Design of Bridges available with Standard/Express/Premium Version

  • Design of RCC 'T' Girder Bridge and RCC Slab Bridge with moving load analysis
  • Design of Composite Bridge with Single/Multi-Span in Straight/Curved Layout, with Orthotropic analysis
  • Design of PSC (Pre Stressed Concrete) 'I' Girder and Box Girder Bridges, with analysis
  • Design of Segmental PSC Box Girder Bridge with analysis
  • Design of Continuous PSC Box Girder Bridge with analysis (in IRC standard only)
  • Design of Steel Built up Plate Girder Railway Bridges with analysis
  • Design of Steel Warren/Pratt/Baltimore/K Type Truss Bridges (Open Web Girder) on BS, IS and US Steel Sections,
  • Design of Long span Cable Stayed and Rope Cable Suspension Bridges with Analysis
  • Design of Extra-dosed Bridges and Steel Arch Suspension with Analysis
  • Design of RCC Abutments and Pier with Open and Pile Foundations
  • Design of POT/PTFE Bearings for Verso-Mono Axial Longitudinal Bearing, Verso-Mono Axial Transverse Bearing, Verso Bi-Axial Bearing and Verso Fixed Bearing,
  • Design of RCC Well Foundations and Pile Foundations with Sub soil strata wise data and structural design,
  • Computing Stream Hydrology & Synthetic Unit Hydrograph (SUH) with DTM, Contours of Up-stream Terrain,
  • Computing Scour Depth & Founding Depth by Hydrological calculations for River Bridges,
  • Utilities like Geotechnical data processing, Seismic zone wise Coefficient calculation etc.
  • General Arrangement of RCC Box Culvert.
  • General Arrangement of RCC Slab Culvert,
  • General Arrangement of Single & Multi Pipe Culvert,
  • General Arrangement of RCC Road Underpass,
  • Design of RCC Box Pushed Underpass under railway tracks and Road

The designs are produced with Detail Stepwise Reports and Complete set of sample General Arrangement and Reinforcement Detail drawings editable to design drawings In-built CAD graphics system is applied for 3D Structural View, Drawing and Bar Schedules etc.
Main screen ‘Help’ provides with various Tutorial Videos, Users manual, Design Manual etc.

ASTRA Pro for Analysis and Design of Structures available with Express/Premium Versions

Applications for Static & Seismic Analysis, Limit State Design and Drawings of RCC Structures:

  • Design of RCC Tunnel Lining with Portal, Steel Ribs and Tunnel Lining based RQD and Rock Mass Rating.
  • Design of RCC Panel Type Reinforced Earth Walls following BS 8006,
  • Design of RCC Retaining Walls as cantilever and propped cantilever.
  • Design of RCC Framed Building with Floor slabs. RCC Beams, Columns, Staircase, Isolated/Pile/Raft Foundation
  • Design of Steel Transmission, Cable Car and Microwave Towers
  • Design of RCC / PSC Jetty with editable drawings.
  • Dynamic Analysis of Block and Frame type machine foundations for Eigen Values, Time History and Response Spectrum

ASTRA Pro for Design of Bridge Geometry and Balanced Cantilever Bridge available with Premium Version

  • Design of Bridge Geometry for Bridges on Straight and Curved alignments (Premium Version)
  • Analysis & Design of Balanced Cantilever Bridge by using Cast-in-Place Segmental PSC Box-Girders (Premium Version)

Various designs are produced with Detail Report and complete set of sample reinforcement detailing CAD drawings,

ASTRA Pro Structural Analysis Suite (Common in all versions with Full Set of Examples)

CAD Modeling in GUI and Analysis of Bridge Deck & Structures with on screen details by “View Structure”:

  • Static Analysis of Structures for Joint Load, Member Load, Area Load, Repeat Load, Floor Load etc.
  • Analysis for structures with Beam, Truss, Plate/Shell, Solid and Boundary elements
  • Grillage Analysis of Bridge Deck with Dead Load, Super Imposed Dead Load and Vehicle/Rail Live Loads
  • Dynamic Analysis of Structures for Eigen Values, Response Spectra and Time History Analysis,,
  • Orthotropic Analysis for Steel Girder RCC Deck Slab Composite Bridges
  • Non-Linear Stage Analysis for Bridges and Structures,
  • Analysis of Multi Storied Building Frame Structures for Member End Forces & Support Reactions,