Training Videos for ASTRA Pro, HEADS Pro, HEADS Site, HEADS Rail

  • PDF version of Training modules are supplied with HEADS

  • E-learing movies are supplied with HEADS

  • Data and processing instructions on more than 60 live projects are supplied with HEADS

  • Special On site Training may also be arranged if required

  • Training may be organised either by us or by external Training agencies

  • Training may be organised for personal as well as Corporate levels

  • Training at Engineering Institutes may be organised as a continuous process

  • Training is also organised for preparing of other aspects of the Detail Engineering Projects


The following Training Modules are available for HEADS range of products only:
Course Content

Level I (Basic) : Processing of Topographic Survey data using Total Station, Auto Level, GPS and Survey base Map, Traverse Coordinate Correction using Bowditch, Transit & Closed Link methods, EDM Survey, Coordinate Conversion from Longitude & Latitude to Easting & Northing, Alignment Geometrics for Highway, Railway, Tunnels etc., Treatment for attainment of Super elevation, Cut & Fill Interface analysis, Computation of Bill of Materials, Earthwork & Mass haul diagram, Generation of Project drawings for Plan, Profile and Cross Section.

Level II (Professional) : Design of Flexible and Rigid Pavements by AASHTO Method for Highways, Design of Pavement Overlay by Benkelman Beam Deflection data, Asphalt Concrete Mix Design, Airport Geometrics & Pavement, Analysis of Unit Item Price, Drainage design for Highway, Railway & Airport, Computation of Equivalent Standard Axle Load, Optimization for Earth Cut-Fill and Profile Correction+Overlay.

Level III (Advance) : Design of Multi Level Grade Separated Interchanges, Split Carriageway Design, Hill Road design, Profile Correction design, Shifting of Services and Utilities, Estimating shift of alignment during Tunnel construction, Asphalt Layer Reinforcements by Glass Fiber Geogrids, Low cost Rural Roads design, Sub-grade strengthening by woven Jute Geotextiles for road construction in marshy land. (Proficiency in Levels I & II is prerequisite)

Training is conducted either On Site or On Internet as desired by the Customer and the cost is estimated accordingly.
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