Purchasing a software Product

To purchase a software product customer has to send us a purchase order by mentioning the product name, Quoted Price, his/her complete postal/courier address and his/her contact telephone / Mobile / Cell Number, next, we shall send our Invoice with our Bank Account details etc., the Invoice is valid for next five working days, after depositing the payment in our account we request the customer to inform us, next we shall make the shipment of the package by express courier like, DHL / Blue Dart / FedEx etc.

For price enquiry customers are requested to send their complete postal/courier address, contact telephone / Mobile / Cell Number and Email ID.

The commercial version is supplied with:
  • 1. Installation Setup DVD
  • 2. Tutorial DVD and
  • 3. USB Dongle

The Installation Setup DVD Contains the Program Setup for installation,

The Tutorial DVD contains User's Manual, Design manual, Quick Reference Guide, Installation Guide and various Tutorial Videos,

The USB Dongle is sent with 10 activations, Upon receiving the courier customer has to inform Techsoft, next, the Authorization code is sent by email to authorize the Dongle for unlimited activations.

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