Civil Engineering has a significant role in the development of infrastructure in developing countries and improvement of existing infrastructure in developed countries. The civil engineer community has always dedicated their careers for the society not only in the country they belong to but also to other places, even if essential needs for day to day life are unavailable. They always wanted to give their best for the project they are working for. The best result comes mainly from two major points, one is dedication another is supporting work facilities. With the advancement of technologies now the engineers have Hi-tech facilities available to them. The two facilities are found to be the most important ones, the internet and the software relevant to individual task. For infrastructure development engineers and planners first need to understand the area, locality, land use etc. and for such information now we have Google pictures, which is a milestone achievement in the recent past. In case of software numerous products are now available in the international market place for their use by the industry. Some of them are excellent and some are average. Who are average in standard we believe they will also improve in the coming years as the quality develops with age, age grows with time and time gives opportunity to test the products in more and more real life work.

TechSOFT's Technical Softwares

Bridge Analysis & Design Software : ASTRA Pro

Static and Dynamic analysis of structures including Time History Analysis, Response Spectrum Analysis, Eigen Value Solution for Building structures, High rise structures, Towers, Industrial structures, Bridge Deck Analysis with moving loads of various standards like AASHTO, IRC, Rail load etc.

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Road Design Software : HEADS Pro

The Simplest and versatile software for Highway Engineering and Design with special features for Low Cost Rural Roads and Hill Roads, Tunnels, Road Widening, Strengthening, Profile Correction, Pavement Design/Rehabilitation, Bituminous/Asphalt Mix Design, Drainage Design, Construction Drawings etc.

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Site, Airport, Tunnel Design Software : HEADS Site

HEADS Site is for the Design of Site Leveling/Grading, Earthwork, Various Survey data processing, Data conversion, Site referencing, Downloading Ground elevation from SRTM without carrying out Field Topo Survey, Planning for Construction Platforms for Housing, Market, Hospital, School, Commercial, Roads, Parks, CBD etc for any new Township etc.

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Railway Design Software : HEADS Rail

The largest and versatile software for Railway, Metro Rail, LRT, MRT, Mono Rail Engineering projects.

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Water Distribution & Networking Software : DisNet

The versatile software for Site design, Water Distribution System, Drainage, Stream Hydrology in Infrastructure development projects.

Traffic Signal Control Software : SICap

SICap software from TechSOFT Engineering Services is for Signalized Intersection Capacity analysis in the application of Transportation Engineering and Planning.

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